We’ve heard plenty of firsthand reports of IRS intimidation from conservatives trying to launch nonprofit groups, but the growing IRS scandal doesn’t stop with bullying the new kids on the block. The Leadership Institue, which was founded by Morton Blackwell in 1979, reports that it was hit with an audit notice in 2011 and was asked to provide 23,430 pages of records on its activities in 2008.

We’ve heard from other conservative groups that were asked to provide lists of the children they mentored, and the Leadership Institute, which recruits and trains conservatives for leadership positions, says the IRS demanded lists of interns and students, copies of training materials and curricula, and documentation showing if there were “students in the programs that are not of the conservative viewpoint.” It’s worth keeping in mind that the group investigating the Leadership Institute’s instructors’ backgrounds is the same agency responsible for this calibre of professional training:

Hmm, sounds like those rogue “low-level” employees had quite the reach.

Gabby Hoffman is a regional field coordinator for the Leadership Institute and has some wise words for those asking, “What scandal?” Hey Bette Midler, listen up.