While abortion advocates tried to assure themselves that today’s Kermit Gosnell verdict would have no effect on the nation’s attitude toward abortion, Sarah Palin saw the conviction as a sign that America is back on track. And while others like Sally Kohn spun Gosnell’s conviction as a sign that abortion could now get back on track as safe and affordable, Sen. Ted Cruz issued a statement clarifying that more abortions is not the solution to preventing more Gosnells.

No court can ever provide proper relief for the unimaginable pain that Kermit Gosnell inflicted on women and their children. His atrocities shed light on the truly gruesome acts of late-term abortion. We need to keep working to prevent such crimes against humanity — deliberate infanticide — from happening again. May we all remember this heart-breaking case as a vivid example of the urgent need to protect innocent human life at all stages.

The first degree murder conviction of Kermit Gosnell brings some closure to this horrific case, but we must act to address the broader problems highlighted by this tragedy. Congress should conduct a thorough investigation into the practices of late-term abortions in America with the goal of ensuring that these atrocities are never repeated in the future. My wife, Jeanette, and I hold the victims of Mr. Gosnell’s violent abuses in our prayers. While the lives lost and ruined because of a monster like Kermit Gosnell can never be recovered, we must strive to ensure that women and unborn children don’t fall prey in the future to greedy and overzealous abortion doctors. Life is precious at every stage, and America’s policies must reflect this fact at every turn.