We’re not going to assume that Rainn Wilson’s views on guns and gun control would change if we pointed out that the NRA’s “dead kids threshold” exposed in his tweet originated at parody site The Onion. He must know it’s a parody, right? If so, he’s not saying, and at least a few followers were outraged by this shocking “fact.”




What difference, at this point, does it make that it’s a parody? It makes a lot of difference, actually.

Speaking of manipulative, Michael Moore, to his credit, did cite The Onion in his tweet, although that still leaves it up to the reader to figure out that the whole premise is fake.

His tweet preceded The Onion’s post by a day, but Albert Brooks too seems to think there’s some threshold on constitutional rights triggered by criminals.

We shudder to think of the carnage it took to found a free country with constitutional protections for its citizens’ rights.