We haven’t heard the question asked before, but now that Politico’s Byron Tau has brought it up, it makes a lot of sense. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney “clarified” last month that Organizing for Action, the president’s rebooted campaign machine, is an “independent organization” that just happens to run the @BarackObama Twitter account. OFA isn’t so independent, though, that the president can’t occasionally tweet directly from the account (indicted by the initials “bo”).

But officially, at least, @BarackObama isn’t Barack Obama. And OFA, independent organization that it is, has its own account, @OFA (though that links to barackobama.com).

OFA Twitter page

The chance of Twitter de-verifying the account is slim at best, but should it happen?

If Carney said it, it must be true, right?

Prepare for a shock: