Make that 12 hours. Debate in Colorado is going strong well into the night as the state senate hears arguments on several gun control bills, including one that would ban concealed carry on college campuses and another that would limit magazines to 15 rounds. As Twitchy reported earlier today, anti-gun tweeters were pushing the #WhatWomenWant hashtag to argue that taking away the choice to own a gun was what all women wanted — never mind the women explicitly asking for the right to carry.

Yes, they did go bonkers. Women weren’t the only ones targeted in the state’s gun grab, however. Colorado seems to be following the path blazed by New York State with its SAFE Act, making sure the criminals are the only ones without limits.

Sen. Steve King provided powerful testimony from his own experience.


Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin is one of the many citizens paying attention. She followed the hearing as it unfolded Friday night.

By the end of the night, five of the seven measures passed. A final vote is scheduled for Monday.