The Obama administration’s sequestration scare campaign fizzled out early and even backfired Tuesday, as the president took a solid PR hit for closing down White House tours and blaming budget cuts (and then reportedly scheduling another Martha’s Vineyard getaway for the family).

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has been pushing a #SequesterThis hashtag campaign to suggest alternative cuts that wouldn’t cause pain to the public at large, and it’s slowly picking up steam.

The Wall Street Journal pitched in with an editorial this week naming a wine-tasting event as a possible swap to pay for the tours.

In its bid to make the sequester as painful as possible, the White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling all visitor tours of the White House “during the popular Spring touring season.” This fits President Obama’s political strategy to punish the eighth graders visiting from Illinois instead of, say, the employees of the Agriculture Department who will attend a California conference sipping “exceptional local wines” and sampling “tasty dishes” prepared by “special guest chefs.”

Coburn is rolling out other #SequesterThis recommendations from his “2012 Waste Book,” including a tour by the Watermelon Queen “to promote the consumption of Alabama’s watermelons”and a $325,000 grant to construct a robot squirrel.

How soon until #SaveRoboSquirrel starts trending?