While conservatives across the country (and some liberals as well) took a moment to honor Andrew Breitbart on the first anniversary of his death, David “No Labels” Frum lowered his head to stare deeply into his navel. Somewhere among the lint he found his controversial obituary, which he reposted in full under the headline,  “Breitbart: Second Thoughts.” So, what are those second thoughts? Oddly, Frum said that he “wouldn’t change a word,” while managing to add nearly 500 words of “context.” The short version?




In his obituary, Frum had declared Breitbart’s influence on America and the media “poisonous.” “Do we dare confront our own radicals?” Frum asks today, declaring that what the GOP sorely needs now is “moderate-minded people who are also tough-minded.”

When America finally builds its monument to history’s most influential moderates, perhaps Frum will find immortality. Until then, he’ll have to settle for yet another backlash from those who find inspiration, not poison, in Breitbart’s legacy.


The Frum legacy?