The Friday night document dump was especially large today, and reporters were cranky. After a long week of sequestration coverage, members of the press were looking forward to the weekend, but some couldn’t escape a Friday afternoon conference call from the State Department on the potential effects of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. What was the big news, then? As it turns out, the big news was no news, according to CNN Radio’s Lisa Desjardins.

Maybe we could build some windmills to scare away the birds before they hit the electrical wires.

As concerned as we are for the American burying beetle, would it be terribly selfish if we skipped ahead to the effect on human beings?

NBC News managed to find a way to spin the report in ways that Fox News and even the New York Times wouldn’t touch.

Big beetle must have gotten to someone.


Slate’s Matt Yglesias hasn’t read the State Department’s report and doesn’t need to.