We can’t argue with Sen. Chris Murphy’s (D-Conn.) tweet from earlier today. The death of Sandy Hook Elementary’s Anne Marie Murphy, whose body was found shielding those of her first-graders, is truly a tragedy.

Murphy’s follow-up tweet doesn’t make much sense, though. No one needs 30-round magazines “if” they’re used to kill kids? Killing kids is already illegal, and banning law-abiding gun owners from purchasing high-capacity magazines isn’t killing anything but jobs. Take today’s events in the Colorado legislature, for example, or Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the SAFE Act in New York, which limits magazines to a 7-bullet capacity.

We’re happy to have a national conversation on gun violence, but while legislatures fret over whether 7 or 8 or 15 bullets is too many, “if they are used to kill” innocents is the real issue at hand.