It’s not surprising that the House this evening passed the second part of its Superstorm Sandy relief package, after GOP representatives took a public relations beating for pulling a vote on aid amid fiscal cliff wrangling. NBC’s Chuck Todd credited New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s meltdown with pressuring Republicans to vote yes, despite the package’s lack of spending cuts to offset the cost.

In the final count, 49 Republicans voted for the relief package. Only one Democrat, Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, was among the 180 who voted no.

Many took note of House Speaker John Boehner’s breaking of the so-called Hastert Rule, which guides the Speaker to not bring a bill to a floor vote unless a majority of the majority party supports it.

Gov. Christie, who had asked for a “clean” aid bill following his initial tirade against House Republicans, praised Congress for pulling together.

We were hoping a professional comedian would weigh in to put things in perspective, but all we could find was Richard Lewis.

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