As Twitchy reported, activists associated with the Occupy and Anonymous movements have been pressuring authorities in Steubenville, Ohio, to expand their investigation of an alleged rape which took place in August. Two 16-year-old boys face a trial in February, but protesters assert that more might have been involved and a cover-up is underway to protect popular athletes in the community.

Today, a Twitter account associated with Anonymous was suspended. @KYAnonymous, who has been a driving force behind the Occupy Steubenville movement and appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” complete with Guy Fawkes mask, and began tweeting today from a backup account.

We’re well aware of the tendency of conservative tweeters to land in “Twitter Gulag,” a happening so common as to have inspired the nascent Twitter Gulag Defense Network. Was KYAnonymous suspended for an alleged threat sent via direct message? Another Twitter user, @Ihazcandy, says yes. KYAnonymous says he was framed.

Filmmaker Lee Stranahan, narrator of “Occupy Unmasked,” cautions against Anonymous and its methods.

During that Anderson Cooper appearance, KYAnonymous said that though Anonymous was not the judge or jury, ” it’s fair to say that we are the executioner.”

For now, the justice system in Steubenville is responsible for determining who’s guilty in the rape case. Twitter, meanwhile, will have to use whatever evidence it has to determine if the “heart and intent” of the “executioner” behind the mask is in conflict with its terms of service, if not the law itself.


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