If Sarah Palin’s use of crosshairs on a map can really be considered “violent rhetoric,” then Terry McMillan must be one of America’s most violent tweeters. She’s shared how she’d trip Mitt Romney and how she wanted to slap him and Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. We’ll happily give her credit, though, for referring to the 2013 Obama tax increase as a tax increase — something that came as a shock to so many fans of the president when they looked at their pay stubs and learned they were “the rich.”

And as long as we’re giving credit where it’s due, we have to agree on another point, as much as we don’t want to.

Make that several points.

Amen! We have to part ways here, though.

If only they didn’t care about being liked. We’ll dream of the possibilities there along with the do-over. In the meantime, attention Gov. Rick Scott: Terry McMillan doesn’t like you either. Go raise some taxes or something.

Arrogant? Isn’t that just racial code language for “uppity white man”?