Even the most vocal gun control advocates out there are likely to admit they don’t mind if the police carry firearms. Who could object to that? Well, with gun violence firmly in the headlines, it seems just the sight of a gun can make some people uncomfortable. According to the Post-Dispatch, a diner at a Denny’s in Bellevue, Ill., complained to a manager about guns carried by five detectives who weren’t in uniform but were wearing badges. The manager asked the detectives to take their guns out to their cars, prompting them to walk out.

Police chief William Clay then banned police on duty from eating at the restaurant, and issued a statement calling the incident a “slap in the face” and an example of “political stupidness.” Plenty agreed with that assessment.


The manager claimed there was a sign on the door indicating that only uniformed officers were allowed to carry firearms. Perhaps another sign is in order.

(Hat tip: @Lockestep1776)