A man identifying himself as Dr. James McArthur, a “physical culturist, social-pathologist/observational theorist” and “independent urban combat correspondent, journalist contributor, radio guy,” today live-tweeted what he claims is a raid on his home by Baltimore police.

WBAL in Baltimore offers the following report:

Baltimore Police say they are in a barricade situation outside the home of a Baltimore blogger.

Police tell WBAL News that they are outside of the home of James MacArthur in the 600 block of McKewin Avenue in Waverly.

A spokesman would only confirm that they are executing an outstanding warrant.

While police are outside of MacArthur’s home, he is broadcasting over the internet through his website and tweeting live.

McArthur claimed the raid was over a missed court date.

While the story unfolded on Twitter, McArthur won fans and support.


The Baltimore Sun is also reporting on the standoff:

A Baltimore blogger wanted on a court-issued warrant barricaded himself inside a Waverly home Saturday night, posting on social media and broadcasting live on Internet radio with officers outside.

Police said Frank James MacArthur, 47, refused to come out of his home in 600 block of McKewin Ave. for officers trying to serve a warrant issued in June by his probation agent stemming from a 2009 gun case, according to police and court records.

MacArthur, who has said he was never notified about the court date, has been posting on social media this week about his “fugitive” status and predicted police would try to harm him.

A calm-sounding McArthur is also using Spreaker.com to broadcast from inside his home.


McArthur is currently negotiating live with a Baltimore police officer and streaming the audio. Why such an elevated response to a “minor incident”? These tweets sent out earlier today, likely:

“A tweet will not kill you,” McArthur told the officer, claiming “excessive force” and “overkill” in the police department’s response.

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation.


The @BaltoSpectator saga seems to drawing to a close, with hundreds tuned in to the live audio stream as McArthur negotiates his exit from his home.


McArthur has finally signed off around 11 p.m. Roland S. Martin has taken an interest and is advocating on McArthur’s behalf. (Yerg is the officer who negotiated with McArthur; Maryland Delegate Jill P. Carter is his lawyer.)

Here’s a photo from the scene: