Even if you ignore for the moment that Amb. Susan Rice made a tour of five different TV shows on Sept. 16 to push the Obama administration’s “blame the video” cover-up of the Sept. 11 Benghazi terror attack, you’re still left with the rest of this tweet.

President Obama renewed leadership at the United Nations? Never mind those emails that show the White House and State Department knew within two hours of the terror attack — Rice said that she relied on a week’s worth of “daily updates from intelligence agencies” to prepare for her television appearances. Maybe it’s time for some new intelligence?

Is Rice referring to the very busy president who blew off all face-to-face meetings with foreign leaders during the U.N.’s General Assembly in favor of appearances on “The View” and “Late Show with David Letterman”? The president who ducked out of the U.N.’s lunch for heads of state, leaving Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to surmise, “He must be busy with something, or stuck in traffic”? The president whose single address to the assembled U.N. in September included the line, “The future must not be determined by those who insult the prophet of Islam”?

Many were quick to disagree that Americans are safer thanks to Obama’s peculiar brand of empty chair leadership.