A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that Big Bird is viewed more favorably by Democrats than Republicans in Wisconsin. No, really.

We also asked about Big Bird himself and while he’s a popular figure overall with a 51/11 favorability rating even his reviews have become somewhat partisan with Democrats (58/11) rating him a lot higher than Republicans (37/12).

In other news, the same poll shows a healthy bounce for Mitt Romney following Wednesday night’s debate. PPP finds that Romney managed to pull within 2 points of Obama in Wisconsin (49-47), a state where he was down 7 points just two weeks ago.

PPP says that “the most discussed issue in the wake of the debate Wednesday night has been about funding for public broadcasting” — that is, if you don’t count the president’s miserable performance as an issue. Keep in mind that this is the same polling firm that can throw a tantrum like Oscar the Grouch when its professionalism is called into question.