The Right Scoop has the video, and it’s must-see material, if just for the long pause before Wasserman Schultz revs up to enter full spin mode.

As shown in the video, despite Mitt Romney’s statement that Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments were “inexcusable,” Democrats have pushed hard to suggest just the opposite, even mocking up a Romney/Ryan/Akin campaign sign.

The target of Cooper’s “Keeping Them Honest” segment  tonight was a fundraising letter sent by Wasserman Schultz which suggests that the GOP’s 2012 platform plank on abortion was “written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.” Shown in its original context, the quote has nothing to do with the GOP’s stance on abortion, and Cooper notes that CNN’s Peter Hamby was in the room when the abortion language was adopted, with no input from the Romney campaign.

This rare bit of televised blue-on-blue friction didn’t sit well with viewers accustomed to a well-trained lapdog media.

Schultz’ way with (leaving out) words caught the attention of the Weekly Standard as well.

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