When Rep. Todd Akin appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday, the host urged him on air to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. With a deadline to withdraw from the race looming, Akin returned to Hannity’s show today, and certainly didn’t sound like someone who was going anywhere.


“Where are you now?” Hannity asks, a day later. Akin said he “misplaced” the word legitimate but stands by his comments.

Confronted on air with Mitt Romney’s call for his withdrawal, along with a list of other Republicans who have gone on record asking him to leave, Akin had no direct response.

Akin instead referred to the voters who put him in office and their values. “Those values are important, and someone’s got to talk about them,” Akin said. Akin added that “fears and paranoia” about his staying in the race don’t play out in the poll numbers.

“I would leave the race,” Hannity said directly, suggesting that Akin has become a distraction.


After a break, Hannity engaged in some wishful thinking on his part, reintroducing Akin as the Senate candidate “as of now.”

Akin called the furor surround his comments “hyperbole” and dismissed suggestions that his continued candidacy would somehow harm the Romney campaign.

Akin said he had spoken with Paul Ryan, who recognized Akin had “a tough decision to make” and urged him to consider stepping down.

Akin repeated that the media had blown his remarks out of proportion.

“If Mitt Romney got on the phone in the next 10 minutes and asked you to get out,” Hannity concluded, “what would you say to him?”

“My decision is to stay in this race … and to reclaim our God-given values,” Akin said.

Despite Hannity’s relentless calls for Akin to drop out, the interview did win Akin a few fans as well.