The story alleging ties between investment firm Bain Capital and Salvadoran death squads has been making the rounds for a while, but the highly publicized ad from Priorities USA linking Mitt Romney to a woman’s cancer death has many asking not only has Romney killed, but how many? Just how bloodthirsty is this guy, anyway?

An article at the Huffington Post yesterday revived the story and retweets made sure it was spread far and wide.

Fed up with the Romney campaign’s lack of fight, a fed-up Rush Limbaugh on his radio show Wednesday decided it was time to push back.

Just as no one disputes that Joe Soptic’s wife did die of cancer, the atrocities committed during the Salvadoran Civil War are well documented. In either case, though, the line drawn to Romney is a very sketchy one at best. Even Salon, which ran with the story in January, noted there was “no evidence that any of Bain Capital’s original investors were involved in these sorts of activities” but, in a very Harry Reid-like way, pointed to “family names that raise questions.”

And at this point in the campaign, isn’t raising questions the name of the game? Even satire site The Onion has taken notice, posting a parody ad linking Romney with the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. But if murder has become the subject of satire in August, what’s in store for October? We can only guess.