The President’s middle class tax cut? You do mean President Bush, right?

Arguing yesterday on behalf of the Senate’s plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for Americans earning more than $250,000, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) cut to the chase.

Republicans “have chosen millionaires over the middle class,” said Hoyer, comparing the $160,000 tax cut “for those wealthier Americans” to “the $2,200 cut that we have proposed for middle-class Americans.” Never mind that first, the House proposal also would extend the cuts for middle-class Americans, and second, this is an extension, not a cut — no, you won’t be paying $2,200 less in taxes, and you’re not getting a $2,200 check in the mail from Barack Obama’s stash.

Argue the semantics all you like, naysayers — it sure would be nice to have an extra $2,200, though, wouldn’t it? What are you going to do with yours?