Questioned today about differing standards and releasing her own tax returns, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the issue a distraction and even suggested the possibility that the media should face disclosure requirements as well.

ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted to clarify that Pelosi was not dismissing the demand for Romney’s tax returns; rather, she was concerned that the questions were taking too much of her limited time.

Pelosi clarified that “there’s no rule” that requires Romney to release his tax returns but it is the “custom” for presidential candidates and “a tradition” — and that she would release her returns “when I run for president.”

Apparently feeling cornered over the issue, Pelosi went so far as to suggest that the reporters’ tax returns be made public. “What do you think of that? For everybody. For everybody who writes about it. For everybody who hires people who write about it. For corporate ownership of the media and what are they doing as far as their taxes are concerned?” She then added, “But really, let’s not be silly.”

It might be a bit late for that.