Ridiculing Sarah Palin just isn’t the full-time gig it used to be, so for what possible reason could Tina Fey be trending on Twitter this week? It seems Fey has entered the world of hip hop with her guest rap on a new mixtape.


Those who claim that anyone can talk over a beat were proved wrong in a resounding fashion recently by Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson. Can Fey and her guest spot on Childish Gambino’s new “Royalty” mixtape preserve the good name of celebrity novelty rap?

This the life we live, son
My president is black and my Prius is blue, mother****er
Royalty all day, we droppin’ racks at Nordstrom, son
That’s racks on racks, **** it, you feel me? You feel me?
This is the part where most people would say something crazy and drop the n-word after it
Not going to, not gonna do that, I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE!
I’m out

Fey’s not comfortable dropping the n-word, but her track mates Alley Boy and Swank have no such problem, so listen with caution.

How? Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, used to write for “30 Rock” and also appears on NBC’s “Community.”

So, how is Fey’s flow?


Here’s some helpful advice for the white folks out there.

Could we please get some controversy going here?

How about a beef with Macy’s at least?

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