True story: We honestly thought this was an old clip of CNN’s Jim Acosta insisting that the Obama administration never spied on the Trump campaign; we mean, he’s obviously seen all the documentation we’ve seen of Obama’s FBI using bogus documents to get FISA court approval to spy on Trump adviser Carter Page. But then we looked at the chyron on the clip and it says, “Biden Picks Sen. Kamala Harris as Running Mate,” so this has to have aired on Tuesday … and Mr. “We Are Real News, Mr. President” himself is still repeating this.

It’s nothing you don’t already know: The mainstream media spent years covering the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia and still insists he did, but Acosta flat-out denies that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign despite the evidence.

Agreed. Time’s running out.

This is low even for Acosta.