When Chris Cuomo isn’t stealing prop comedy jokes from Carrot Top to punk his older brother, he occasionally does interviews, and he’s sharing the full interview he did with Rebekah Jones, the data scientist who says she was fired for posting coronavirus data for the state of Florida that was in opposition to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mission to reopen the state.

Tallahassee Reports writes that Jones was not the “architect” of Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard; she’s a scientist, but her doctorate is in geology and her skills were as a data mapper; and that she wasn’t asked to hide data but to take down a column until it could be verified and reuploaded, which it was a day-and-a-half later.

If you’re struggling to see what all the fuss is about, you’re not alone. By the [Tampa Bay] Times own account, a single column of data became temporarily unavailable for a day and a half. The only other item worthy of note in the Times’ story is that the state’s official epidemiologist (i.e. an actual medical scientist, not a data mapper, like Jones) asked to have the ability to export data from the dashboard temporarily disabled while health officials verify that the dates match other official sources.

This is critical. The Tampa Bay Times had the full explanation for why the data was temporarily unavailable, but they and other media outlets decided to run with “coronavirus conspiracy” instead. In fact, the Times headline claims Jones was asked to “delete” data. No where in the story itself does the word “delete” appear. It’s another clickbait headline.

Cuomo might have been late to the conspiracy, but he managed to get there.

Yahoo News national correspondent picked up on the “scandal” by shooting video of his TV:

We know how Cuomo got his job and we know why he keeps it, despite his ratings. They even let him have his fake resurrection from the tomb and made it a live event. But could he at least not be so obvious about his bias?