We could have directed this post to the attention of just about any mainstream journalist, but we picked CNN’s Jim Acosta since he’s the one who wrote a book about what a dangerous time it is to tell the truth in America for journalists like himself. We heard countless times about how reporters at Trump rallies were booed when the president started in on fake news, and how unsafe that made the journalists feel.

We’d expect CNN’s media hall monitors, Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter, to comment on this next tweet from VICE political correspondent Cameron Joeseph, who says that reporters are starting to get booed at Bernie Sanders rallies. Check out how Sanders dismissed a reporter from the Washington Post — not being called on is the kind of thing that sent Acosta crying to his diary.

Not only that: Over the weekend, Sanders surrogate Rep. Ilhan Omar warned against media lies about this “righteous man.”

So Sanders is freezing out the Washington Post and his pal Omar is telling people what they read in the media about Sanders “is going to be all lies.”

They do not like what is said about their chosen one at all.

We hope so. Wasn’t there a call for unity among journalists to collectively fight back against this sort of thing? And what about Omar, an elected official, saying what people read about Sanders is all lies?