It is apparent the fluid nature of scandals in politics is always apparent, when only one party is held to a standard while those from your own party are not accountable. It becomes worse when it is the press engaged in the practice, and then adding in a family member just about voids any common sense.

Chris Cuomo has long been known to have dispatched that pragmatism, but one would think that even he would have some awareness that speaking out on certain matters would blow up in his face like he was a predator in a Roadrunner cartoon.

Not Cuomo, it seems.

Oh, Fredo…

His own brother Andrew is facing double-digit accusations of sexual abuse, and he is still being CELEBRATED by the party. To say nothing of the nursing home scandal. Oh, and that vaccine scandal where the Governor paid out favoritism to friends and family to move to the front of the line — involving Chris Cuomo himself. Somehow the CNN host is not tossed aside by the Dems either.


Also —

Well, you see, that due process applies to Dems. Everyone else is guilty and needs to be removed, even when there are no witnesses accusing Gaetz.

Wait, what was that? Yea, unlike Andy C, who has women on the record naming him as an assaulter, Gaetz is only at this stage being investigated, and no women have accused him of any direct crimes.

This realization has some on the left scrambling.

Except – there are no accusers. There are accusations in the investigations, and some third-party testimony alluding to activities. But as far as the two examples Cuomo’s appears more valid at this time. But Gaetz is said to be ready to be tossed, as the sexist serial killer in the governor’s mansion continues to be praised.

Who says the Democrats have no standards? They have at least two.