Leading voice of the ant-Trump movement and the Captain Stubing of the good ship S.S. Bulwark, Bill Kristol has a plan at the ready for those who may be concerned about the left-wingers taking over the country.

In the most recent weeks we have seen leftists rising up and attacking all fashion of our national foundations — our history, culture, art, institutions, etc. For anyone fretting over what we are witnessing Mr. Kristol has the perfect solution to bringing an end to this upheaval. Just give in to the anarchists instead.

Makes perfect sense; the best way to dodge a violent takeover is to just turnover everything in a form of surrender — you know, just like Kristol and his Bulwark crew have done already.

To say he failed to sway the minds of concerned conservatives might be a touch more than accurate.

That is precisely the message he is delivering.

Maybe he needs to change his name from ”Krisol” to ”Chamberlin”.

Almost too true right there. But, this is the Kristol Crowd for you.

Hashtag – #Accurate


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