The press has seen its stature in the eyes of the general public take a dive in the past few months. The people who have loved to describe themselves as the brave firefighters of truth have become in truth a raging dumpster fire of pettiness and perpetual complaints.

In this era of a pandemic, our press betters have been a constant source of contradictions. They have called for a travel ban then said it was racist to enforce one, demanded the White House provide updates then called to stop broadcasting the daily task force briefings, and they have said how important it was to be hearing from medical professionals only to then gang up and try to discredit experts like Dr. Deborah Birx.

Not wanting to be left off of the hypocritical hysteria Slate has now joined in on the proceedings. That outlet has decided to partake in that other favorite activity of the press, taking the side of Communist China’s leadership. Despite the lies and constant misinformation that is sent out by the Chi-Coms Slate finds it unacceptable that our nation might address the propaganda being delivered by the nation.

Yea, how dare anyone think of banning the accounts of a ruling party that has manipulated viral outbreak information, and that itself limits and bans platforms within its own borders.

And there is the real humor. They are getting upset at the thought of banning the voices of a nation that has been dangerous and threatening for us, and the global community, while at the same time many in the press want to shut down press briefings from our own president.

But Slate lapsed into that current realm of the press, where it needed to slam the president on both sides of the issue. Just one day earlier the outlet had this piece that it released–

In this one Slate takes issue with Trump’s alleged constant ignoring of misinformation from hostile nations, such as Russi, Iran, and yes, China. It even acknowledges the reality of the Chi-Coms dealing in misinformation.

Trump has no loyalties. When Russia interferes in our elections or when China lies about an epidemic, he doesn’t ask how it affects America or American values.

So Slate admits to China lying about the epidemic, criticizing the president for not addressing this reality. Then a day later when the administration suggests cutting odd aa pathway of those lies he is criticized anew, for the polar opposite of the previous day’s critique.

This game of ”gotcha” by the press continues. Maybe one day they will realize they are losing at it.