Last night automotive innovator Elon Musk held a live-streamed event where he was unveiling his brand new product, a fully electronic pickup dubbed The Cybertruck. There have been numerous claims made on the vehicle intended to compete with current pickups on the market, from its delivered torque to the mileage range.

The biggest selling points have been its rolled-steel body framework being resilient, as well as having armored windows made from Tesla Glass. When the vehicle rolled out for the first time reactions were varied.

Yes, they did. After having a member of the audience come on stage and take swings at the body with a sledgehammer there was a brief demo on the Tesla Glass. A large pane was anchored and heavy steel weights were dropped on it, which bounced off. Impressive, but then things went sideways.

The next phase was to have someone tossing steel balls at the windows of the truck, and the effect was less than optimum.

Yea, that was not the expected result. For the rest of the presentation, Elon had to speak in front of the damaged vehicle.

Despite the futuristic styling and promises of gas-free travel the results so far have been mixed.

One thing you can always say about Elon Musk, he manages to inspire people.

And just to close it out, there is this insertion to a classic of cinema–

See you folks in the future…