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EW 'reporter' PROVES she knows NOTHING about the Constitution with her thread on the Second Amendment

Entertainment Weekly reporter Dana Schwartz dug herself into a deep hole when she tried using prohibition as a valid argument for repealing the Second Amendment. Because, you know, prohibition worked SO well for us.


People like this shouldn’t even have social media accounts, let alone a blue check mark next to their name.

Amendments to the Constitution ARE part of the Constitution.

That’s great and all, but Canada wasn’t founded on the same principles as America…so there’s that.



And how many states do you REALLY think are going to sign off on this?

People on your own side disagree with you. Sad.


Why does EVERYTHING always have to come back to the NRA?

Gee, people still wanted it so…they went to the black market. SHOCKER.

Advocating for constantly changing our Constitution is stupid. We’d end up with thousands of amendments that put something into law and take it back out of law, etc.

And when people weren’t agreeing with her, Dana decided to “clarify” her position (which really did nothing for her):


Translation: Go back to high school government class.

The ENTIRE reason the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in place was to keep the government from becoming tyrannical. That’s not paranoia. That was their reality.



Civil War 2.0.

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