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OFFS: Joy Reid goes straight STUPID with comment on immigration and MS-13

When President Donald Trump talked about his immigration reform proposal, he brought up the tragedy of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens, lifelong friends who were murdered at the hands of MS-13 gang members. And guess what? Joy Reid used this opportunity to lash out at Trump’s proposed policy changes by insulting Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s policy advisors.


Oh, Joy.

She wouldn’t have to worry about that. She’s too important to know what the real world is like.

Yeah, okay.

What makes you “painfully” aware? Your ability to tweet?

At least NRA TV’s Grant Stinchfield called Joy out on his political pandering.


Isn’t this an example that gang members don’t care what race you are? They’ll kill you if you’re white, brown, black and everything in between.


If he used a white family, ya’ll would have b**ched about how he didn’t care about minorities. Pick your side.


Again, if it was white people you’d claim he didn’t care about people of color.

He can’t make any of you happy, can he?

At least some people put Reid in her place.


Where’s her company?

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