Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Engagement, Candace Owens, has been known to upset liberals with her videos pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left. She has now triggered our delicate progressive pals by penning an open letter to illegal immigrants, warning them about the Dems’ agenda to use them as political pawns.

Of course, both liberals and the black community were outraged by what she said.

How could someone point out something so blatantly obvious?!

What makes you think she doesn’t?

Correction: anyone can support any agenda they choose. It’s not limited to just the black community. Candace is using her personal experiences as a black woman to share how the Democrats have used people in her community. Just because you don’t agree with the policies she supports doesn’t mean that she’s wrong about this issue.

What a technicality.


Why? Because she’s pointing out what is so blatantly true?

LOL. Liberals now resort to Putin anytime there’s something that triggers them. It’s utterly hilarious.

You don’t have to say you’re a black woman and mother to disagree with Candace. She’s entitled to her opinion, just as you’re entitled to yours.

Just because the Right believes in the rule of law does not mean that we’re xenophobic. It means we have laws in place and believe they should be enforced adequately (gee, what a crazy concept!)

It’s sad that liberals claim to be “opening” and “welcoming.” That’s true…but only to other Democrats.

Lenny is onto something.

Candace is able to speak from experience. She uses her voice to show what’s WRONG with Democratic agenda, not to promote it. Get on her level, Darven.

What personal gain?

…we must have missed that election.