Well-known actress and gun control proponent Alyssa Milano decided to become a keyboard warrior by saying NRA and NRAYV would be considered a terrorist organization if they were run by minorities.

She had just one problem: most people saw right through her divisive ways and called her out on her racist plug for gun control.

What’s the easiest way to divide people? By race.

Things that make you go “hmm.”

Oh, hey! Look! Alyssa Milano likes guns…but only when it suits her purpose.

Trying to understand this level of stupidity will get you NOWHERE verrrrryyy quickly.

Milano must not have known that statistic otherwise she might have put a cork in it for once.

Why are liberals so quick to protect the government over their fellow Americans?

Allen West And Karl Malone just to name a couple. Carl Rowan (now deceased) was also on the board.

Ohhh! This should be a new bumper sticker!


Sounds like quite the plan.

And the best tweet of the Milano trolling session goes to…

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