Commotion is going on over the 2020 United States census and President Donald Trump wanting to ask whether or not a person is legally in the country. It’s unclear why this is such a controversy considering it’s a question that’s been asked since the 1950s (minus the 2010 census when President Barack Obama had it removed).

One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler asked a rather mic-drop of a question:

Because Democrats cherry pick things so it fits their narrative. After all, their public policy is created based off of emotion, not facts.

The problem with common sense is it’s not so common.

We wouldn’t want anyone to be triggered now, would we?


Sadly, look at how long a bunch of them have stayed.

Again, the term “illegal” only applies when it fits the Democratic narrative. It’s utter crap.

That’s a point many have not thought of.

And California’s leadership wonders why people are fleeing the state in droves? HA. Because the beacon of hope is elsewhere. It’s what happens when the Golden State isn’t so golden anymore.