David Hogg appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to talk about mass shootings and the state of politics in our country (yet again).

Apparently our country is disgusting and more like “House of Cards” than we’d like to admit.

Can’t Democrats come up with some new talking points?

Correction: gun control advocates have their back.

Eh. Not sure about that one.

He’s not saying anything new. He’s regurgitating the same old liberal talking points but he’s adding this “mighter than thou” attitude on top of it.

Every politician, on both sides of the aisle, are in it for themselves. Why else would they get involved in politics?

Too late, Jill. That’s been a thought for…hmm…10 days?

Where the hell have you been?

Rep. John Lewis is like 100 years older than this video meme.


Trump isn’t going around pushing reporters in front of the metro (as far we know). So no, not even close.


Last time we checked, guns were black, not white. How is advocating for them racist?