Twitter seems to be launching an attack on conservatives…again. This time, conservative accounts are losing followers and retweets.

Conservatives are fighting back with the #TwitterLockout hashtag.

Supposedly Twitter is purging Russian bots.

They won’t shut anyone on the right up. Not now, not ever.

Let us know how many people you end up following!

That’s a positive spin to things.

*slow claps in confusion*

Of course, Liberals enjoyed watching this go down.

If these were Russian bots, what makes you assume that Twitter users interacted with them? For all you know, they simply followed an account.

You clearly need something better to do with your time.

You really couldn’t come up with something better?

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

You do realize there are wingnuts on BOTH sides of the aisle, right?

You’re so clever, Oliver. Oh. So. Clever.

That’s not creepy at all.

You work in Hollywood and THIS is what you enjoy? Shouldn’t you be stalking the Kardashians or something?

The MAGA train started the “liberal tears” saying. It’s too late to try and use it, Snowflake. A for effort though.

Conservatives: Has your Twitter account been impacted? Do you think the followers that were lost were Russian bots?