On Thursday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) proved just how hypocritical she is when she suggested that those who are pro-gun should have to look at autopsies of slain children.

Actor James Woods wasn’t going to let her get away for her ironic hypocritical statement.

Translation: You seem to think it’s okay that Planned Parenthood, which kills innocent unborn children, donates to you and your campaign.

Except politicians like Harris don’t see them as children or babies. They’re “clumps of cells.”

It’s not being judgmental. It’s calling standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

If you don’t want our input, don’t take our money. Plain. And. Simple.

It’s not being judgmental to say you don’t want your hard earned money being used to kill innocent babies.

She must be.


Did you NOT see all of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos?

Liberals would rather give us a rape whistle and have us say a prayer that we don’t get hurt than to give us a firearm to defend ourselves. Makes NO sense.

That about sums it up.