Earlier this morning President Donald Trump tweeted about sexual assault allegations, which was clearly in reference to White House Speech Writer David Sorensen stepping down.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill posed an interesting question for President Trump:

You’re so creative with your hashtags there, Mark. Really. Clever.

What makes you so sure Trump hasn’t blocked him? Just because you tag someone on Twitter doesn’t mean that they haven’t blocked you.

Dude, can you put down the lightsaber for one second? This is REAL life, not a Sci-Fi movie.

Everyone should have SOME sort of moral compass, even if you don’t agree with everything he or she does.

He’s not playing the role of a victim. He brought up a point that is very true. The mere act of being accused of sexual harassment or assault ruins people’s lives, even if they aren’t convicted. With social media and the Internet, the world can find you guilty for merely being ACCUSED. Why have the legal process if everyone assumes you’re guilty?

We’re very well aware of how the process begins, Nicole. But you must not be aware that false accusations ruin people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if they’re the President of the United States or the guy next door.

If he becomes President does that mean Jabba the Hut is Kim Jong Un?

Your life is clearly lacking many, many interesting things.

Hey, Kari. Trump can care about BOTH, you know. He can want TRUE victims to step forward while condemning the false accusers. If anything, you liberals should WANT these fakers to sit down and shut up. They take the focus away from those who have truly been the victim of a horrible crime.

Now THIS is a marvel concept we should get back to!