For months, Americans have been divided on whether or not it’s considered disrespectful to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The National Rifle Association launched a powerful ad earlier today that shows their support for the men and women in uniform.

How can anyone want to kneel after watching this?


THIS is why so many people are upset to see multi-million dollar athletes kneeling when they don’t know what kind of sacrifice is made by average men and women who want to protect our freedom.

Of course, there were those asshats who had to defend kneeling.

Wow. You’re a rebel. Or you don’t know where you “stand” on the issue.

How does “taking a knee” change anything? All it does is make you look like a giant douche canoe.

You seem to miss something though, Charlie. Praising our Military members and their service has NOTHING to do with police brutality. And kneeling to “bring awareness” to this issue does nothing other than piss off people with a Military background or those of us with family members who are active duty or veterans.

Seriously? Where the hell have you been?

It’s absolutely ridiculous — and beyond RUDE — for these athletes to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem. The flag is indicative of freedom and sacrifice. Kneeling during that time when we recognize people’s sacrifices is DISRESPECTFUL, especially when the people kneeling are chicken shits who would NEVER put their lives on the line for our freedom.