The New York Times has really gone downhill over the years. It’s evident that they’re biased against conservatives or really anyone that goes against the liberal narrative.

Earlier, the “news outlet” shared a tweet that was shocking. The OpEd itself was even more shocking.

White women organized precinct gatherings to pressure their politicians to uphold Jim Crow laws. They transformed their homes into centers of bureaucratic efficiency — copying fliers, assigning neighborhoods for petition drives and scheduling protest shifts at elementary schools and bus garages.

It was also women who shaped the way segregation, white supremacy and ideas about racial identity were knitted into the fabric of their communities. Working as midwives, teachers and social workers, women policed the racial identity of babies, students and clients to ensure that the dividing line between white and black remained intact. And across the nation, women-led groups like Patriotic American Youth and the Women for Constitutional Government and Pro America spread the message to the next generation that opposition to racial equality was about states’ rights and limited government, not white supremacy.

Oh, brother.

There are so many things wrong with this argument. Where do you even begin?

Aren’t liberals supposed to be women’s champions? But it’s okay to bash women if they don’t follow your ideology to a “T.”

Sounds salty.


It’s always whites verses minorities.

Liberals preach tolerance and “togetherness” but yet they do everything in their power to uplift people of color and make white people feel like garbage.

As if any of us had the power to choose our skin color.



This opinion isn’t worthy of being published.

When the homeless wipe their ass with your opinion, you know that’s when it’s sh*t. Actual sh*t.

If a conservative newspaper generalized all black people, or any other minority for that matter, liberals would be OUTRAGED.

They’re doing everything in their power to convince you to think a certain way.

This about sums it up.