Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk had a real zinger for Democrats this morning.

Because Democrats turn a blind eye to the problems their leadership has caused. Somehow it’s everyone else’s fault.

It’s a vicious cycle, really. Think about it. Someone votes for a Democrat because he or she thinks the politician will help bring them out of poverty. All the Democrat does is create policies the voter to rely on the government. The person’s position in life stays the same or gets worse. The Democrat then campaigns on the same ideas of helping the poor and needy by blaming the system for creating this level of dependence. And the cycle starts over again.

Meanwhile, every conservative is over here talking about liberals like…

Because there is no LOGICAL answer that they can come up with.

The problem with common sense? It’s not so common.

100 percent true.

Addressing it means they’d lose voters.

That’s why California has been nicknamed “Commiefornia.”

It’ll forever make us go “hmmm.”

This is a point I hadn’t thought of but it makes perfect sense. The country would have a major meltdown if a major city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York city went up in flames because it’s a large metropolitan area. Plus a ton of economic activity happens in those cities. But if something like this happened in smalltown America, people shrug and go about their day.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump won in 2016. He made smalltown Americans – better known as flyover nation – feel like they were important. He listened to their concerns. It wasn’t just about large metro areas. It was also about those of us who live in rural America (AKA the 90 percent of the country that’s not on the coast).