Former California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking aim at President Donald Trump’s desire to drill along the coast. According to Schwarzenegger, Trump needs to back away from the Golden State.

Arnold was never a hardcore conservative but it’s looking like he’s gone even further left. And he wants to make sure Trump won’t come near his former state.

What makes you think that those will suddenly cease to exist if drilling occurs?

But, but, but…don’t you know the fracking is bad?!

What liberal hypocrisy. Apparently it’s okay to drill in other oceans but not the Pacific? At least be all in or all out.

Eh…hasn’t he always towted that line?

It is a shocker to Californians that they may need to carry their own weight. They’re not used to that.

You know Trump’s response is something like this:

Especially since they want to keep all of the illegal aliens that flood their borders.


Looks like the Terminator just got terminated. HAHAHA.

He’s only charitable when it’s our money, not his.

He wants us to be the charitable ones. After all, that’s what Hollywood elites do. They talk us normal folks up and want us to pay the consequences so they can live a life of luxury.

Schwarzenegger isn’t even governor so how does that work?