Former Fox News hosts Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling found that their Twitter accounts were hacked by Turkish hackers who were focused on communicating with President Donald Trump.


Except none of us know what they’re saying. Google and Bing Translate aren’t exactly helpful either.

That’s one way to get to the President of the United States.

Both had Turkish videos that were eerily similar to ISIS videos.

Apparently the hackers wanted Trump’s attention.

And they want to send a clear message to America.

The hackers went so far as to screencap Bolling’s DMs to prove that they were in his account.

If you look closely though, the Twitter handle is @ericbollingTR, where Bolling’s actual Twitter handle is @ericbolling.

Greta seems to have noticed what took place and got things handled with Twitter.

She’s gone through and changed back some of her settings, like her background picture and bio. There are still some tweets from the hackers though.