The shooting in Northern California is nothing shy of amazing. In fact, gun control advocates find themselves in a bit of a blunder. They want to use this shooting to call for stricter gun control laws yet the shooter was prohibited from having firearms.

Naturally, whenever their narrative is contradicted, they point their fingers and instant blame the National Rifle Association.

Somehow Dana Loesch’s NRA ad is to blame?

And when someone tried pointing out facts, another idiot stepped in.

Why are anti-gunners SO quick to assume anyone with a gun MUST be a member of the NRA?

Facts? What are those?

And they say reverse racism doesn’t exist. HA.

If you got the evidence, fork it over.

How convenient. You want to take away people’s guns. But let me guess. You call it “common sense gun laws.”

Earlier in the day, however, Dana reminded the public of one thing: the shooter was prohibited from possessing guns.

As if any of us were really surprised.

But the winner of today’s tolls goes to….