Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts has become Twitter infamous. She loves to tweet about gun control but hates when gun owners refute her gun control messaging. Instead of debating the issue, she simply blocks people. But to those loyal followers of hers, she is an angel from above.

Watts latest plan? To try and get gun control advocates to complain to their senators about NRA’s vice president, Wayne LaPierre, sitting with President Donald Trump during the Supreme Court nominee discussions.

Can someone please remind Ms. Watts that the NRA is made up over over 5 MILLION law-abiding gun owners?

Since when does wanting to preserve the Second Amendment mean there’s a “guns everywhere” agenda?

Conveniently, her link goes straight to the Everytown for Gun Safety website, where people are first urged to give to the gun control group as a means of “sending a message” to the NRA.


Ms. Watts – America’s gun owners sent a very clear message in November. We will not allow gun control gurus, like you, Secretary Clinton or President Obama, take away our Second Amendment rights. We will do absolutely everything in our power to make sure your agenda does not become a reality.

But clearly, your lackeys didn’t get the memo.