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'Biology hasn't changed': Ed Krassenstein is RATIOED into oblivion with his definition of a woman

Ed Krassenstein has made it into a Twitchy story or two for being ridiculous and this time is no different.

Krassenstein decided to get in on the ‘What is a Woman’ side of Twitter and his take is so stupid he is being ratioed into oblivion!


It is long and it is stupid so in order to save you some time the summary is that Ed thinks defining a woman is hard now because it is subjective just like people who believe in God may have various ideas of who God is.

Yup. You read that right. He is comparing the various beliefs about God to defining a woman. People on Twitter have been commenting and telling him how dumb he is for about 14 hours at the time of this article and it was still going.

We feel like Krassenstein knows which category he would fall into, but the tweeter did leave out one category: GRIFTER, and that one may suit Ed best.


Reality does not seem to be a consideration for most Leftists.

BIOLOGY HAS NOT CHANGED! No matter how one feels about something, biology is the same as it ever was so the definition of a woman based in biology will not change.

Watching it and asking questions does NOT make you transphobic Jacob, it makes you smart.

Josh was trying really hard to balance his comments there. We will go a step further and say they should not compete in ANY women’s sports not just the Olympics, but we do not think that should be a controversial opinion. it should be common sense.


To Krassenstein’s credit, he actually answered that tweet and we are amazed he kind of stumbled onto a good opinion. Maybe tee ball with kindergarteners is fine to be coed, but a 5-year-old boy can be wild and will probably create a lot of chaos.

*snickers* We have indeed been to a coed soccer game or two and that description is fitting, but it did not really keep any girls from going on into sports, it definitely could though if it continued on into higher age groups and the girls never had a chance to win a single match.

SMART! We are sorry we read all of it, but we hope you read the article about how stupid it is even if you did not make it through the thesis Krassenstein posted on Twitter. 🙂

We do like the ant-science cult name. It is perfect for the Leftists that claim to be ‘the party of science’.



Correct. Krassenstein is making an objective fact a subjective theory. We are glad there are some of us left that are not buying any of it.

To be fair, he tweets some silly things so probably. LOL

HA! We love that, but the sad thing is, we think he is actually serious and he thinks it is a good argument.

Maybe if Krassenstein watches ‘What is a Woman’ he could find some real answers.

We do not advocate for any hate or abuse toward trans people, this editor actually has a lot of empathy for the community as we have a trans person in our life that we love very much. We still would not want a biological male competing in sports against our daughters. It is ok to accept a person and love them but also discuss the realities of what trans-radical activists are doing and how it affects biological women.


‘What is a Woman’ is free to watch all weekend on Twitter and we highly recommend it no matter what you think about trans issues.


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