Tucker Carlson’s bio, however ‘fire’ it was, has gone back to its normal, usual, Tucker Carlson self. We have seen no reports of his being hacked and honestly, it’s fairly safe to assume a true hack would have been much worse than a simple hilarious bio change. -Ed.

Everyone knows Tucker Carlson has been driving the left crazy for a very long time. Recently he has been filling his bio with things to troll the left and his updated bio may have reached the level of master-class trolling.

We cackled like Kamala. Yeah, that really awful witch-type of cackling. Don’t judge us.

This user must have thought the screenshot was fake. We are not sure if they are delighted or sad to find out it is real, but we are in the delighted camp.

Several users thought there was one thing missing: the pronouns. Tucker has had the pronouns in the bio before, so we are thinking non-binary automatically implies they/them and we are willing to let that slide. 🙂

HA! If anyone can make the Left pay a troll toll it is Tucker and we are here for it.

WE AGREE! We can honestly say we were not big fans when he had the bow tie, but he has slowly become a wonderful source of entertainment just watching how much the Left hates him.

We will second that motion.
All in agreement say YES.

YUP. They are getting better each time. We will have to keep an eye out for the next change.

There you have it. Tucker is teaching a master class in trolling the Left in his Twitter bio on a regular basis and we love it.

Keep up the master trolling Tucker!


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