Do you remember Marianne Williamson, the hippie with the super soothing voice that ran for the presidential nomination for the Democrats in 2020?

She is back and she is coming out of the gate with a swipe at the Associated Press and Hillary. 2 birds, one stone. We love it!

“I would also bet that the Associated Press also said that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.”

That is great and when she says it in that kind of hippie-kook voice of hers it makes it even better. We do not know why, but it does.

Many Twitter users thought it was so good, it did not even take many words to point out how great it was.

Some did not use words but gifs instead.

There were several users who decided Williamson was very likable, and we get it.

Oddly, we like Marianne too. We can not say we agree with her on anything policy related at all, but we do like the fact she does not just sit down and take any crap. She is who she is and even though that seems a bit nutty, she owns it. We could probably be friends, but we would have to agree to not talk politics. 🙂

We are not willing to go that far, but we do think she should get a little more credit for being willing to stand against the grain inside a party of sheep who are always down for the ‘collective hive mind’ behavior.

This is probably true, but we hope she keeps taking swipes on her way down.

The Associated Press would use language like ‘a shoo-in’ in reference to Hillary. They are not exactly known as impartial judges over there. LOL

It is. We cackled, took a breath, and cackled a little more.

We would not go as far as telling you to give money to a Democrat, but seeing Marianne Williamson on a debate stage again would be a lot of fun.

You keep being you Marianne, we love that you took out the Associated Press and Hillary together in the same burn!


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