It is Groundhog Day and sadly the weather-predicting groundhog named Fred la Marmotte who hails from Quebec died before he could make a prediction. Normally this is a sad and somber occasion but the jokes in response were killer…

RIP Fred.

We legitimately laughed so long we could not type for a bit. For those of you unaware of the de Blasio Groundhog connection, basically, he dropped a groundhog and it died. You can google all about it if you are bored.

Perpetual winter in Quebec seems like a legitimate concern with Fred’s death but predicting the death of the groundhog might have gotten her placed under suspicion.

UGGGH. This editor hates the cold, we would prefer a nice zombie apocalypse over a forever nuclear winter.

Groundhog: 1. / Humans: 0.
He’s not taking orders from anyone. Predict your own weather!

OK, but hear us out. What if Fred was just getting too old and being a drain on the healthcare system and they forcibly enrolled him in MAID and just didn’t tell anyone?

Oh WOW. Those poor alternate-dimension children, and the poor groundhog, died in all the alternate universes. 🙁

We know it isn’t the point but the about was very Canadian of them.

Talk about a TOXIC work environment! We hear he was not even given a livable wage, Fred had no choice but to get out the only way he knew how.

Happy Groundhog Day!


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