Steve Schmidt has gone off the deep end making some outrageous and ‘totally not hyperbolic’ claims about Desantis. If you do not know who Steve Schmidt is, he was a founder of The Lincoln Project and we think that says pretty much everything you need to know.

OK, well, first of all, we do not think he knows or understands the definition of hyperbole. We are pretty sure if there was a textbook to be written about hyperbole and its use on Twitter that tweet should be the example they use.

hy·per·bo·le /hīˈpərbəlē/ noun
Definition: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

We were NOT the only people who thought Schmidt was confused, did not understand the definition, or had just lost it completely.

Right? We never understood how people behave this way, if a person is indeed a killer, why are you provoking them?

It reminds us of that scene in BATMAN The Dark Night: ‘Let me get this straight…’

Yup. No hyperbole was found. You guys should start prepping for FIRE SQUIDS ASAP.

Right? If what they said about Trump was not enough just wait and see what they throw at DeSantis. Even when the calmest milquetoast candidate of all time was running (Mitt Romney) they said he was going to put black people back in chains.

Great point. Are Martha’s Vineyard residents now evil with no heart? If we follow all the same rules Steve has given Desantis, then yes, yes they are.

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With those 2 tweets, we at Twitchy have to say we are not supporting the idea that the Clintons have had people killed. We are just pointing out there is a persistent rumor to that effect and that the Left often projects what they really think or what they really do onto others. And you all can take from that what you like.

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Nah, Mean tweets are ok as long as the mean part is directed at conservatives!

Yup. They still want to destroy Trump, we all know this, but they think DeSantis might have some of the Trump spunk without all of the baggage and they want to tear him down fast.

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Stay alert and keep a lookout for DDS spreading fast throughout the Twitterverse!


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